Rocket's Firebird Rescue is the 40th and final episode of the second season and series finale of the Little Einsteins.


Rocket shares his favorite story with the quartet: "The Firebird." The storybook contains animated illustrations showing the Firebird's spreading of music in Russia wherever it goes. However, for a wicked ogre traps the Firebird and silences all music in the nation. The team want to save the Firebird so they set off on a mission to rescue the Firebird from the ogre's clutches and bring music back to Russia.


Main Characters

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DVD Description

Before you can say "Blast Off!" the Little Einsteins are zooming through the sky in a new movie that's jam-packed with action, music, magic and fun. Besides Rocket, what's big, red and can fly? Meet Rocket's new friend: the mysterious Firebird! She sprinkles magical music power everywhere she flies, filling the world with beauty and joy.

But when a mean ogre captures Firebird, it's up to Rocket, Leo, June, Quincy and Annie to travel all the way to Russia to set her free and bring music back to the world. Soar over the golden spires of a Byzantine palace. Discover St. Petersburg, and explore snowy Siberia, where you'll meet a freshwater baby seal and much more. Remember, only with your help -- singing, dancing, and playing instruments -- can the Little Einsteins complete their mission and save the day. Inspired by the music of Igor Stravinsky's "Firebird" ballet and filled with messages of teamwork, friendship and compassion. Description

The Little Einsteins are a talented group of musically-inclined, preschool-age friends who just happen to have a rocket ship named Rocket for a friend and a knack for helping those in need. In this animated adventure, it's up to Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June to preserve music around the world by traveling to Russia to free the magical Firebird from the grip of a music-hating ogre named Katschai. Set to themes from Igor Stravinsky's "Firebird" and featuring the art of Wassily Kandinsky, Faberge eggs, and Matryoshka Nesting Dolls, this full-length Little Einsteins adventure conveys the basic gist of Stravinsky's "Firebird" ballet in which the Firebird casts a spell of energetic dance and sleep upon the creatures of a magical kingdom. Prominent musical themes are emphasized by linking them to specific onscreen characters and their actions and basic musical terms like adagio and allegro are introduced while the Little Einsteins promote friendship, cooperation, and compassion and engage the active participation of young viewers by encouraging them to clap, sing, dance, and pretend to play musical instruments. The bonus episode "Rocket Soup" emphasizes teamwork and introduces orchestral instruments with the help of Dvorak's "Humoresque No. 7" and Paul Klee's painting "Moonrise." 

Art and Music

  • Featured Art ‘’Improvisation’’ by Wassily Kandinsky
  • Matryoshka Nesting Dolls, and Faberge Egg by Carl Faberge
  • Featured Music ‘’The Firebird’’ by Igor Stravinsky




  • This is the final episode.



Production Information

Label: Walt Disney Home Entertainment 
Genre: Animation 
Running Time: 45 Minutes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated


Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Actors: Erica HuangAiden PompeyJesse SchwartzNatalia Wojcik

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