Quincy is the musician of the team, and he loves playing instruments (e.g. piano, trumpet, drum) and is friendly with animals. He is voiced by Aiden Pompey.


Quincy has dark skin, wears a yellow shirt with green sleeves, blue pants, red and white sneakers, a tiny red and navy blue cap and has black, puffy hair.


Quincy is s fun, loyal and trustworthy. He is also very talented in playing all kinds of musical instruments.


His friends are Leo, June, Annie, and Rocket. He also has other friends, but they are not human, like a car called Carmine and an ivory-billed woodpecker named Tapper.



  • He is the second character of Little Einsteins who has a solo mission.
  • He is also afraid of the dark.
  • He might have arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
  • His pajamas are green.
  • In Rocket's Firebird Rescue, Quincy was given Music Power and may have it permanently.
  • In A Galactic Goodnight, he has his instruments blanket to hug at bedtime. One time, he gave Rocket the blanket to hug, but that did not make Rocket fall asleep at all.
  • It's hinted me may like Annie when he winks at her in The Birthday Balloons

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