Olexa Hewryk is the Creative Director, Writer, and Art Director of Little Einsteins.

Olexa Developed “Little Einsteins,” for Disney. Responsible for the look of the show, the blending of photo collage, live action footage, famous objects of art, animated 2-D characters, and CG elements into a cohesive visual unit.


Olexa has worked in the animation industry for over the past decade as a director, producer, designer and animator. Clients include Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, MTV, PBS, IBM and Kellogg. In the past decade he has primarily focused on creating content for preschool, including Blues Clues, Little Bill, Little Einsteins, Wordworld, The Backyardigans and Peter Rabbit.

Olexa has won and been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards. In addition to animated content for television, Olexa has worked with several companies to develop interactive content for preschoolers. He was creative lead at Tiggly, the award-winning digital iPad toy, as well as Lazoo. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.   

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