Little Einstein was the original idea that later became Little Einsteins

It was a pitch pilot advertisement to pitch the series to Disney (as stated by Lead animator Frank Summers).  It premiered on multiple Baby Einstein DVDs and Playhouse Disney series DVDs including Jo Jo's Circus. 

The stayed tuned bumper for Version 1 and Version 2 (Baby Monet 2005 VHS only) had Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June sitting in Rocket.

Releases for the Stay Tuned Bumper/1st Trailer

  1. Baby Santa’s Music Box 2004 DVD
  2. Baby Mozart 2004 DVD
  3. Baby Van Gogh 2004 DVD
  4. Neighborhood Animals 2004 DVD
  5. Baby Newton 2004 DVD
  6. Baby Shakespeare 2004 DVD
  7. Baby Beethoven 2004 DVD
  8. Baby Bach 2004 DVD
  9. World Animals 2004 DVD
  10. Language Nursery 2004 DVD
  11. Baby Neptune 2004 DVD
  12. Baby Galileo 2004 DVD
  13. Numbers Nursery 2004 DVD
  14. Baby MacDonald 2004 DVD
  15. Baby Noah 2004 DVD

Releases for the 2nd Trailer

Baby Monet 2005 DVD


Version 1

The first version of the pitch pilot was a 30-second advertisement of the characters at a possible playground. An announcer talks about the series at the beginning and end. In the middle, we get the first look at 4 children (became Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie) playing on the playground. We see June, Leo, and Annie on a roundabout singing to the jingle. Then we see all the characters swing into the screen exiting to the left, then re-entering to the right giving closer details. 

Version 2

The second version of the pitch gave us the official character designs of Leo, Annie, Quincy, June, and a simpler version of Rocket. It had a male announcer unlike the first and had more clips. We see the gang in the Starry-Night in most character scenes. Some things that changed were the interior of Rocket. In this pitch we saw Quincy in the front seat with Leo and Rocket's seats were green. Quincy strangely had very dark gray sleeves and they both had no ear detail unlike in the official. It kept the jingle from the first pilot. It was still announced as "Little Einstein". 


There are multiple sketches that were not animated, which showed character development. (etc. Annie having blue sleeves, Quincy with a blue and white shirt.)

Jingle Lyrics

Come on! It's time to climb aboard and meet the Little Einsteins.



  • Despite animation tests being done for the character's. the rest of them have yet to surface
  • On some Disney Junior/Playhouse flash games they used Quincy and Annie's pilot clothing instead of the normal outfits. It is unknown why they did that.
  • June appears to be Chinese instead of Asian.
  • Rocket appears as more of a golf ball rocket in the first promo compared to his final design in the finished product, his design In the second trailer is closer to his design in the 2D art.
  • There were no full-length episodes that featured these designs or the title as this is meant to be a test pilot.
  • Little Einstein(s) is officially made by the same company that did Baby Einstein as shown with the logo at the end
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