Little Boy is a minor character who appeared in The Christmas Wish episode from Season 1. </p>


His role was small as he was only in the storybook Leo was reading to Annie, June, and Quincy. He got a Wish Box and got upset nothing was in it his mother told him it was a Wish Box and he could wish for anything he wanted, the little boy wanted a Turtle. </p>


A young childlike boy, with peach skin and rose red cheeks. He wears a short-sleeve cyan shirt and dark blue shorts, he has red sneakers (similar as to Quincy's) with white socks. He has brown hair and has a neck unlike the other characters.


  • He is the only other human-like character in the series
  • He is the only character to have a mother (seen/revealed)
  • He only appeared at the beginning of The Christmas Wish

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