Little Einsteins: The Legend of the Golden Pyramid contains three episodes, two of which have aired on the Disney Channel by the time the DVD was released. It's considered a "triple-length adventure", which is another way of saying "compilation of three episodes." Each episode runs 24 minutes, give or take a few seconds. When played in succession via "play all", each episode retains its own opening and closing credits. Previous DVDs utilized a singular set of opening and closing credits.


  1. "Dragon Kite" (Originally aired October 17, 2005) June is prancing about in the backyard, practicing her super ballet dance, when a Little Dragon Kite appears. June is initially scared, as are the rest of the children, but they soon decide to help the Little Dragon Kite, whose friends are missing. They seemingly disappear from the postcard ("erased...from existence!") that Little Dragon Kite provides for them. A quick trip to and search around China lead the children to the missing Dragon Kites, just in time for the Dragon Kite Parade on the Great Wall. 
  2. "The Legend of the Golden Pyramid"(Originally aired October 14, 2005) Quincy uses his wooden blocks to build some ancient pyramids, which inspire the group of kids to go search for real ones. They climb aboard Rocket and are off to Egypt, where they indeed find a pyramid. The drawings on the door, which June correctly identifies as hieroglyphics, tell a story to them of an evil Egyptian Pharaoh who trapped music within the pyramid. The children then decide to free the music from within the Golden Pyramid. Throughout the episode, Brahms' "Hungarian Dance No. 5" gets a set of simplistic lyrics attached to it, as the children often ask for the pyramids to "Open up, we want to come in, open, open, open, open, open, open up!" 
  3. "Annie and the Little Toy Plane" ( Originally aired May 4, 2007)

Annie takes Rocket and the Little Einsteins to San Francisco where she shows off her new toy, a small Purple Plane. The children find a toy helicopter trapped on atop of a large Redwood tree, and it's up to the Purple Plane and Little Einsteins to rescue it. They must fly over Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge, before finally reaching the top of an old Redwood tree. On the way they encounter traffic a la Keith Haring's "Untitled, 1988".