Go Team!
Season 2, Episode 35
Production Information
Air DateMarch 21, 2009
Written byUnknown
Directed byUnknown
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Silly Sock Saves the CircusThe Music Robot From Outer Space
The Little Einsteins are in Barcelona, looking for castles, when they meet a friendly king. They showcase their musical powers to him.The king was Impressed by their talents.He gives them rewards, the crystals

Art and music

Blue Danube waltz by Johann Strauss II

Buildings and sculptures by Antoni Gaudí

Who is featured

  • The team
  • the King
  • evil dragon


In this episode a huge animation error is showcased. When the characters show their crystals with their hobby in them (ex. June - Dancing Slippers Annie - Microphone) Annie is holding June's Crystal and Annie is holding Junes.

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