Curtain Call
Character(s) Annie
Sung by Aiden Pompey
Erica Huang
Harrison Chad
Natalia Wojcik
Length 1:10 (approximate)
Season Season 2
International versions

The Curtain Call is the appearance of one or more performers on stage after a performance to acknowledge the audience's applause. It appears at the ending of each episode. By Season 2, it's a song that is followed by a That's Silly segment. It is sung by Annie, June, Leo and Quincy.



(speaking) Now it's time for... the curtain call!
(singing) Let's give a hand, and hear it for the team

And rah-rah-rah for Rocket!

Come on, take a bow

It's your turn now!

Let's hear a big hand for you!

Everyone claps

Now... pat, clap, pat, clap, pat, clap!

Let's give a big cheer for the artist of the day!

Leo then says the artist of the day while the rest repeat

The composer of the beautiful music we played?

Once again Leo says the author of the music featured in the episode while the rest repeat


The rest of the team repeat previous author mentioned, followed by a "Yay!" at the beginning

(speaking) Now here comes the music of the day!

A team member announces the name of the song while the music of the day plays

(speaking) See you on the next mission!