'A'nnie Solo Mission is the twelfth episode in Little Einsteins. It aired on 14 November 2005 and writer by Jeff Borkin With Tom McComas and Douglas Wood.


Annie Solo Mission


Act One

This episode stars out with Annie outside of the Rocket Room with June and Quincy blowing bubbles! Annie introduces herself and says that Leo is about to give her flying lessons! Annie runs into Rocket to the waiting Leo and they quickly get started with the lesson. Leo allows Annie to sit in his chair for her flying lesson! Leo quickly starts out by teaching Annie how to fly Rocket up down over obstacles by reaching her arms up and bringing them back down. Leo then moves on to the squeeze trick, used to get Rocket through a small space. To do this Annie must cross her arms and pat her shoulders to the beat .Annie does it with ease, and Leo moves on to the hardest trick of all; The loop-the-loop manuever! Annie can do this by clapping her hands in a circle to the beat! Annie gives it Big Jet Heard about Everything


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